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Health + Society Database (H+S) is a subset of Australian Family + Society Abstracts (FAMILY). FAMILY is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts articles from published and unpublished material on research, policy and practice issues about, or of relevance to, Australian families. Health policy and services and the social, psychological, legal and ethical issues associated with health are of direct importance to Australian people and families, and are a core subject area of the database.Subject coverage includes: the health and well being of families and individuals; health policy; health services; quality of life, morbidity, mortality and life expectancy; mental health and illness; health issues of particular concern to the aged, children and youth; Aboriginal health; pregnancy, birth; ethical aspects of health such as those surrounding abortion, euthanasia and reproductive technologies; health education and promotion; health administration; and economic issues. The databases scope excludes documents of a clinical nature. A more detailed view of the health issues covered can be obtained by consulting ’FAMILY Thesaurus : Australian Family Studies Indexing Terms’, available from the Institute.