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Euromonitors Global Market Information Database (GMID) provides business intelligence on countries, markets and companies. It includes historical statistics and forecasts, analysis of consumers lifestyles, information sources, brand and company information and full-text market analysis. GMID is the web-based product to the entire range of Euromonitors reference publications and market studies. The system currently consists of the following 8 modules of data: Module 1: Country Data (demographic, economic and background marketing statistics for over 200 countries) Module 2: Consumer Lifestyles (consumer decision making and everyday purchasing habits of consumers in 70+ countries, plus assessment of future spending patterns) Module 3: Consumer Market Sizes (volume and value market size data for 350 consumer products across 52 countries) Module 4: Forecasts (Market, demographic & economic forecasts) Module 5: Companies & Brands (concentrates on key international consumer markets in 30 countries. Company comparative data is available for all the key brand-owning companies, manufacturers and major retailers) Module 6: Information Sources (Over 35,000 sources of business information) Module 7: Major Market Profiles (Major market profiles for UK, USA, France, Germany) Module 8: Market Analysis (Thousands of current market research reports providing in depth analysis and a 3 year archive)