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A+ Education is an indexing and full text database that provides Internet access to the scanned images of journal articles from published material on all aspects of education. A+ Education is based on ’AEI’, the Australian Education Index*, which is an indexing and abstracting database produced by the Cunningham Library at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), and published by RMIT Publishing. Of the 131,000+ records indexed from 700+ journals in AEI, there are 200+ comprehensively indexed journals of which, currently, approximately 33% of the journals are copyright cleared. The scanned images of journal articles in A+ Education are sourced mostly from these comprehensively indexed journals. Images are provided in PDF format. Source documents include journal articles, monographs, research reports, theses, conference papers, legislation, parliamentary debates, newspaper articles, tests and web. Articles and reports by Australian authors or about Australian education published in overseas sources are also included.