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Counseling and Therapy in Video

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Counseling and Therapy in Video is an online collection of video available for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling. Counseling Sessions and Demonstrations include filmed footage of actual therapy sessions, re-enacted therapy sessions, and scripted sessions designed by counseling professionals to illustrate common issues and scenarios that arise during courses of therapy. These videos often include narration and frameworks that put the sessions into theoretical context. Consultations feature experts in particular courses of therapy advising other therapists on the application of their methods. These videos often include scenes of counseling sessions interspersed with analysis and discussions between the consultant, the practicing therapists, and the clients. Lectures, presentations, and interviews feature well-known therapists discussing their own work and issues affecting the larger fields of mental health and wellness. Volume I includes 350 videos containing over 400 hours of footage. Volume II has 313 titles containing more than 300 additional hours of training videos, reenactments, and footage of actual therapy sessions. It updates and expands upon the first collection, with special emphasis on contemporary topics such as neuroscience, family therapy, child therapy, geriatric therapy, play therapy, weight control and eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, sex therapy, culturally sensitive therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.