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BANKSCOPE is a comprehensive, global database containing information on public and private banks. It includes information on 29,000 banks around the world. It combines data from the main information provider, Fitch Ratings, and nine other sources, with software for searching and analysis. Each bank report contains detailed consolidated and/or unconsolidated balance sheet and income statement totalling up to 200 data items and 36 pre-calculated ratios per bank. The data is provided in varying degrees of standardisation and detail so you can search and analyse banks across borders. In addition to the existing ratios you can also create your own that you can display in the reports and also use in your searches and analyses. BANKSCOPE also provides ratings, rating reports, country risk ratings and reports. Ratings are provided by 4 agencies and a total of 18 ratings are available The Ownership section lists a bankís shareholders, banking subsidiaries and non-banking subsidiaries. Also included is security and price information, news and scanned images of the annual or interim accounts as published by the bank.