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BoardRoom is a database of Directors and Senior Executives of Australian Stock Exchange listed companies. It provides ASX company information which includes: Company Address, Telephone, facsimile, and web site address, Industry, Business Description, Sales, Number of Employees, Auditors, Legal Advisors, Bankers. A remuneration breakdown for Directors and Senior Executives (as disclosed in company annual reports) is also provided. Remuneration components are searchable and can easily be cross referenced by industry, company size, position, and other search criteria. In addition to remuneration disclosure, other details which relate to company directors include: Committee responsibilities, Age, Cross-Directorship responsibilities, Gender, Movements. All of these criteria are searchable and offer a powerful way to pin point information regarding company directors and their responsibilities. Results from BoardRooms comprehensive searching and cross-referencing capability can be easily used with Microsoft Excel and Word. Information in BoardRoom is updated daily and is obtained from company annual reports and ASX company announcements. Connect 4 BoardRoom archive is complete back to 2004.