resources |IRQ file

The format of the IRQ is a moodle file. This file needs to be imported into moodle. Right click on the link and save the file to your desktop and then follow the import instructions below.

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resources |LMS IRQ file import instructions

  • Adaptive mode
  • Choose adaptive mode if you want students to have multiple responses to the same question within the same attempt. Video feedback is given after each response and students can change their response after getting the feedback, before submitting the complete quiz attempt.

  • Non-adaptive mode
  • Choose non-adaptive mode if you don't want the students to be able to change their answers before submitting a quiz attempt. In non-adaptive mode only one response per question is allowed within an attempt at the IRQ

    Video feedback is not given after each response and students cannot change their response after getting the feedback. Video feedback is given after the complete quiz attempt is submitted. So the first true attempt is recorded. Other quiz attempts may be set up as required to record further attempts.

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resources |Assignment calculator

The Assignment Calculator is a time management tool designed to help students keep their assignment completion on track. The Assignment Calculator breaks down assignment tasks into a series of manageable steps, and provides expert tips and links to helpful library and university resources. Students enter their assignment start date and due date to get a step-by-step plan. Students can also opt in to email reminders which prompt them to do tasks on time and not at the last minute.

Assignment Calculator

This Assignment Calculator is based on the University of Minnesota Assignment Calculator and is linked to question seven in the IRQ (which is about planning). It is also available via the Library website, so students not completing the IRQ are able to access it.

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resources |Student handouts

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resources |Assessment rubrics

resources |Sample assignment

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resources |Contacts/help

If you are interested in embedding the IRQ/LibSkills in your subject, contact your Faculty Librarian.

More information about this Toolkit website - contact any member of the Library DfL working group.

Albury-Wodonga Library
Bendigo Library

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resources |Articles and Presentations

Refereed Articles and Papers

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Conference presentations

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