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Introduction: Memoirs and Reliable Voices

Caroline Jones

In “Silencing and Subjugation Masquerading as Love and Understanding: Sonya Hartnett’s The Ghost’s Child,” Maureen Clark explores the novel’s vexed relationship between love and appropriation. Using a post-colonial lens, Clark examines this complex story of love, loss, and, ultimately, emotional domination, probing Hartnett’s assumptions about appreciation, respect, and storytelling. Is the story Matilda’s or Feather’s? Does it belong, perhaps, to the titular ghost’s child? Who, in fact, is the ghost? Clark’s analysis brings to the surface these questions and more, as she explores the relationships among her characters and their worlds, and between stories, those who tell them, and those whose lives make them.


Caroline Jones

Volume 17, Issue 3, The Looking Glass, Novemberl 2014

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