Big Sex: The Story of the Silver Nail and Other Objects of (Mass) Construction

Becky McLaughlin



This rather hybrid essay is situated at the intersection where autobiographical narrative and theoretical discourse meet. It does not simply document my personal experience or history as a sexed and/or sexual subject but reflects upon it in relation to the discourses or symptomatics of academic institutions such as grade school, high school, and graduate school, each of which has played a role in shaping my sexual identity and practices. In fact, “Big Sex: The Story of the Silver Nail and Other Objects of (Mass) Construction,” is precisely an exploration of how academic institutions function as the big Others that dictate the mechanisms or technologies (repression? exhibitionism? voyeurism? hysteria? masquerade?) I employ as a sexed subject in and for the classroom, in and for the academy at large, in and for my scholarship.




Autobiography; Hysteria; Narrative; Sexual Fantasy; Identity

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