Carolyn D’Cruz, in Conversation

Jacinthe Flore



Desires drive us toward, and away from, people, goals, projects, and objects. It is a desire for justice, space, and the sharing of subjugated forms of knowledges that compels us to produce, and participate in, platforms such as Writing from Below. When I was invited by the editors of the journal to undertake an interview of Carolyn D'Cruz, Convenor of Gender Sexuality and Diversity Studies (GSDS) at La Trobe University, I pictured a dialogue on important issues that preoccupy those of us working in academia. I aspired to transcribe this tête-à-tête while incorporating my own musings on teaching, theory, and research, and I wanted to do justice to both Writing From Below and GSDS. Space does not allow me to fully reproduce the rich conversation that occurred but the following is, hopefully, a faithful rendition of a provocative, lively and inspiring dialogue. 


gender; sexuality; diversity; history

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