Begin; now go deeper

Cee Frances Devlin


Drawing from a combined history of literary, philosophical, queer and material feminist theories, this creative work was composed during Quinn Eades’ writing workshop at the UniSA Gender, Sex, & Sexuality Studies Conference (2017). Selecting part of a Roland Barthes quote provided, my self-reflexive writings spilled forth from this fragmented provocation, exploring the synthesis between bodies, writing, pursuit and pleasure within Barthes’ work and applying them to my own body-memory. What followed was the result of two exercises in which participants were asked to summon their bodies to the task of writing.  By positioning myself as an erotic queer subject, my piece aims to destabilise the impact of violence on queer/trans desire and embodiment. The poems were later presented at the Creative Art(i)culations performance night at the end of the conference, inviting other (es)stranged subjects to explore their own desiring memories and the bodies that carry them. 


Gender; Sexuality; Trauma Theory; Creativity; Queerness

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