Remembering my lithium body

Amelia Walker


This poem was drafted in the “Articulating the Body” workshop run by Quinn Eades at the 2017 South Australian Gender, Sex and Sexualities Conference. In response to the workshop trigger of the imund/immonde (abject and unworldly), the poem bears witness to re-membered experiences of being on (and getting off) the drug Lithium Carbonate. Following the poem, a research statement details how this re-membering of personal experience constitutes an act of “queer witnessing” (McCormack 2009) that recalls mainstream psychiatry’s historic and ongoing violences, including violences against LGBTQIA+ people (Veltman and Chaimonitz 2014). 


Queer Witnessing; Recovery Movement; Imund / Immonde; Creative Writing Research; Antipsychiatry

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