Vol 1, No 2 (2013)

What comes out

Writing from Below: a beautiful and protestful multitude of critical and creative voices screaming with ferocious despair, anguished anger, and provocative desire, wrapping their words in the form of a formless online journal, between two non-existent covers on so many immaterial pages, open-accessed for all the world to witness, hearts on sleeves and baring all. Down here, down below, this is where revolution lives. You might not notice us or hear us, nor listen, not yet, but we are there, down here, writing from below.

This is what comes out.    

Table of Contents


What Comes Out … Writing from Below PDF DOC
Stephen Abblitt, Nicholas Cowley, Karina Quinn 1-6


Carolyn D’Cruz, in Conversation Abstract PDF DOC
Jacinthe Flore 7-18


Big Sex: The Story of the Silver Nail and Other Objects of (Mass) Construction Abstract PDF DOC
Becky McLaughlin 19-30
Scenes of Unveiling: Reading Sex Writing in Charlotte Brontë Abstract PDF DOC
Erika Kvistad 31-38
A phenomenology of sexual difference in sculpture Abstract PDF DOC
Caroline Phillips 39-44
Riding Renga: Low Theory and Collective Critical Dissatisfaction Abstract PDF DOC
Sameera Abdulrehman, Serenity Joo, Riley McGuire, Caitlin McIntyre, Jeremy Strong, Katherine Thorsteinson 45-60
Dustflakes Abstract PDF DOC
Natalie Harman 61-72
A Foucauldian and Deleuzian reading of autopoietic bisexual lives Abstract PDF DOC
Edwin Ng, Janet Watson 73-90
Trueno tropical - Faititili a motu - Tropical thunder Abstract PDF DOC
Léuli Eshraghi, Lucreccia Quintanilla 91-100
Fists are for Fucking, Not for Fighting: An Open Letter to all the Lovers, Kin and Mentors I have picked up at Sex Conferences around the World Abstract PDF DOC
Zahra Stardust 101-106


Purge and Plunge: A response to Marion May Campbell’s konkretion PDF DOC
Erin Ritchie 107-112
Points of Departure PDF DOC
Stephen Abblitt 113-116
The End of the Homosexual? PDF DOC
Dino Hodge 117-120

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Death and the Maiden PDF DOC
Stephen Abblitt, Nicholas Cowley, Karina Quinn 121-123

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