Vol 2, No 1 (2014)

Death and the Maiden

This special issue of Writing from Below remixes Death and the Maiden, examining the motif and other associated themes and subjects through a range of critical and creative works.

Table of Contents


"The Woman is Perfected": Critical and Creative Reflections on Death and the Maiden
Stephen Abblitt, Natalie Pirotta, Hannah Schurholz

Commissioned Works

Anna Karenina Remix: Death, desire, and the space in-between
Natalie Pirotta

Special Issue

Christina Welch
Suzanne E Hermanoczki
Hannah Ky McCann
Hayley Singer
Evelyn Irina Tsitas
Donna Mitchell
Jane Kubiesa
Andrew Blythe, Sally Morris, Michelle Mars
Zoe Brigley Thompson


Zoe Thomas
Judy Lattas
Peter Jason Banki, Nikó Antalffy
Zoya Brumberg
Eden Elizabeth Wales Freedman
Michael James Coombes
Wing Bo Anna Tso
Julia Ruth Prendergast


Queering time and memory through reading After Homosexual
Margaret Mayhew
Review: Australian Poetry Journal
Ania Walwicz
Queer/Her/Body/Being/Born: A White Girl Reads White Girls
Anastasia Kanjere
Aimee Leigh Gumina
Intimacy, Violence and Activism
Jordy Silverstein
Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive
Bronwyn Wilson

Call for Papers

Contamination from Above
Stephen Abblitt, Karina Quinn