Vol 3, No 1 (2016)


This special issue of Writing from Below looks broadly at a range of political and theoretical positions within and across critiques of masculinity in contemporary gender studies and queer theory. We explore and interrogate queer and non-normative masculinities—the diversity of masculinities, the disruption of traditional hegemonic heterosexual masculinity, non-hegemonic masculinities, maleness and the masculine written and rewritten from below; reconfigurations of the expression or performance of masculinity as a biological, social, or cultural given.

Table of Contents


Quinn Eades, Stephen Abblitt, Nicholas Cowley


Urszula Dawkins
Willo Drummond
Ann Fox-Thomas
Nikolas Dickerson
Kate Rose Hanzalik
Ross Watkins
Joshua Ryan Smith
Oren Segal
Arjun Rajkhowa
Jack Migdalek


Hayley Singer
Sally Evans
Will Abberley
Jerry D. Thomas

Call for Papers

Juliane Roemhild