Vol 3, No 2 (2017)

Art(i)culations of Violence

This special issue is based on the 2017 South Australian Postgraduate and ECR Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Studies conference: Art(i)culations of Violence: Gender, sex, sexuality and the politics of injury and revivification. Papers in this issue explore the multitude of ways that violence occurs, be it institutional, personal, epistemic, discursive, cultural, economic, symbolic, and/or/as physical. In line with Stuart Hall’s theory of articulation, ‘articulations’ indicates not only acts of articulating, pronounciation and enunciation, but also physical formations, motions and movements, including but exceeding intellectual, political and artistic movements.

Table of Contents


Amelia Walker, Travis Wisdom, Shawna Marks, Sarah Pearce, Biannca Challans

Section 1

Keith Giles
Curtis Redd
Alex Dunkin
Sarah Pearce
Nat Dianne Texler
Jessica Abigail Liebelt
In Her Interior

Section 2

Lydia Heise
Shawna Marks
Jessica Seymour
Jessie Byrne
Heather Briony McGinn
Gabrielle Anne Everall
Angel Parker

Section 3

Sonja Mary Hindrum
Travis Wisdom, Aileen Kennedy, Quinn Eades, Amelia Walker
Gabrielle Anne Everall
Cee Frances Devlin
Amelia Walker
Alison Marie Bennett
Cee Frances Devlin