Bundoora (Melbourne) special locations

Where do I find the Bundoora special collections?

Location Name How to get it
Bundoora Fine Bindings You can place a hold on these items online so that you can pick them up from the Holdshelf in your campus library.
Bundoora Reserve Storage
Bundoora Storage 2010, Large, XLarge
Bundoora Storage Theses
Bundoora Vulnerable, Large
Annexe Books, Large, XLarge, XXLarge
Bundoora Rare Books These items can only be used in the Melbourne campus library. Ask for these items at the Inquiry Desk on level 1.
Bundoora Storage Special, Large
Annexe Govt Pubns, Large Ask for these items at the Inquiry/Loans Desk at your campus library.
Annexe Reference
Annexe Serials JSTOR Request these items by filling in the Journal Article Request form.
Annexe Serials