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The website is an online government resource for the Australian business community. By using businesses are able comply with government requirements more simply and conveniently. ##We provide a wide range of services and information about start-up, taxation, licensing and legislation, as well as significant transactions such as ABN Lookup, taxation compliance and licence applications. The website is continuously being refined and progressively offers more online transactions in response to business needs. ##The Business Entry Point manages The Business Entry Point is an initiative funded by the Australian Government and coordinated by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, with the support of state and territory governments. It is overseen by the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, Ian Macfarlane, and the Minister for Small Business and Tourism, Fran Bailey. ##The Business Entry Point also develops technical solutions to transform the way that business interacts with the whole of government. We keep our clients and stakeholders informed of our activities and initiatives with the Business Entry Point Consultative Forum.