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Contains bibliographical references to the Australian scientific and technical literature covering the broad spectrum of nuclear science research and development, with special emphasis on its peaceful applications. ANSTI is a subset of the INIS Database, produced by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Fields covered by this multi-disciplinary database include: Chemical and isotopic analysis, radiochemistry; Atomic, nuclear and molecular physics; Plasma physics and nuclear fusion; Classical and quantum mechanics; Material sciences; Production of isotopes and radiation sources; Radioisotopes and radiation applications in medicine, earth sciences, agriculture, biology and industry; Radiation protection and environment, dosimetry and monitoring; Engineering, fission reactors (general and special); Measuring instruments and methods; Fuel-cycle; Radioactive waste management; Economic and sociological aspects of nuclear and non-nuclear energy, nuclear law and documentation; Safeguards and inspection; Mathematical models and computer codes for solving problems in nuclear science and technology; Organisation and administration of nuclear institute and programs.