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The high level of concern that HIV/AIDS has generated in the Asia Pacific has not been matched by a comparable level of access to the sources of information that drive decision-making. Appropriate responses to the epidemic require accurate and up-to-date policy information. Considerable information exists in reports and unpublished case studies, yet much of this information is difficult to access.To address these inadequacies, a consortium of institutions – under the leadership of Professor Dennis Altman of La Trobe University – have developed, a web-based database of Asia Pacific HIV/AIDS policies and analyses, for use by policy-makers, practitioners, fieldworkers, researchers and##students’s online library offers unrestricted access to:##-government documents of over 50 countries within the Asia Pacific##-policy analyses and documents sourced from over 130 NGOs, IGOs and research centres##-full text of many previously unavailable documents##-bibliographic information where full text is unavailable##-comprehensive search tools including 60 cross-referenced topics##-helpful links to related information for each entry##-regularly updated, quality- controlled information.