Caucus Race 7-3

The Caucus Race
Jane Goldstein, editor

This column is open to all readers to post new websites that deal with Children's Literature. Our website tells you how to send them to the editor. We reserve the right to chose those which are most helpful to our readers. We look forward to your contributions.

The AJL's New Jewish Valuesfinder was featured in our last column as being under construction. It is now fully operational and the address is There are pages announcing award winning and notable Jewish children's books, a "What's New?" page with comments, news, and notes related to Jewish children's literature, and a Search page from which users can access information about 431 books that are currently part of the Valuesfinder database.

Searching may be done by author, title, subject, values, illustrator and ISBN, refined by grade level, year of publication, publisher, and if the book won a Sydney Taylor award. There is also a list of Jewish values and a critical annotation for each book.

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"The Caucus Race"
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