The Mentor: Fairy Tales for a New Generation: An Examination of Selected Re-written Fairy Tales by Donna Jo Napoli

Anna Seipp


In recent years, Donna Jo Napoli has done a wonderful job of bringing fairy tales to a young adult audience in numerous complex and enjoyable novels. Three of these novels may be particularly appealing to young adults: Zel, a version of Rapunzel; Spinners, a collaboration with Richard Tchen in which Napoli tells the tale of Rumplestiltskin; and The Magic Circle, a unique re-telling of Hansel and Gretel from the point of view of the witch. All three of these novels offer rich, entertaining stories, which are greatly enhanced by the author's creation of complex, sympathetic villains, her skilled use of narrative voice to complement both plot and characterization, and her inclusion of strong themes that act as through-lines for the narrative.

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The Looking Glass: new perspectives on children's literature

ISBN 1551-5680