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The Works of Egidius de Francia

Other names: Egidius [Magister Egidius] (Grove), Mag.r Egidius Aug.s or (Ang.s) (Ch), Magister Guilielmus de Francia (Pirrotta)

In the Sq miniature with Guilielmus, Egidius may be shown to be an Augustinian monk; he is named `Magister Egidius Augustinus' in Ch. OL regards these two Egidius as one and the same, Pirrotta suggests the Italian Egidius as poet only.

Alta, serena luce Ballata
Cortois et sages et a tous doit plasir Ballade
Donna, s'amor m'invita Ballata
Franchois sunt nobles, preus, vaylans Ballade
Mille merzé, Amor, che tratto m'hai Ballata
Roses et lis ay veu en une flour Ballade

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