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Scribe Software

Medieval Music Database - Scribe Software

SCRIBE is a program for the encoding, storing, analysis and printing of medieval music. Its encoding language is based on the common names of neumes and ligatures; it has an integrated database into which all encoded music may be stored and searched, and from which data may be exported for further analysis using other database programs and for interfacing with other notation programs such as Score. SCRIBE is a DOS program: it does not function under versions of Windows later than Win95 or Intel chips later than the first series of Pentium. Its re-development is currently under consideration, but no firm date can be given at this time for the availability of the new version. The SCRIBE database now contains some 6000 musical scores from the middle ages and the early Renaissance period. For further information about the program and its re-development please email MMDB Director

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Last updated: 16 July 2004

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