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Works beginning with 'A', file 54

  1. A summo caelo egressio domini Antiphon
  2. A summo caelo egressio ejus Verse for Ascension
  3. A summo celo deitatis ut St. Barbara, Matins, Antiphon 2
  4. A summo celo egresus matris Seven Joys of BVM, Matins, Antiphon 2
  5. A summo coelo egressio ejus, Ascensio Domini, In primo nocturno: Antiphon
  6. A summo coelo egressio ejus: Sabbaro Advent, Ad Missam: Graduale
  7. A summo coelo egressio ejus, Ascensio Domini, In primo nocturno: Versus
  8. A summo nivea celo labente St. Catharine of Alexandria, Matins, Responsory 6
  9. A summo nuncius egressus St. Gabriel, Matins, Antiphon 4
  10. A summo rapit spiritum a St. Ieronymus, Vespers 2, Antiphon 4
  11. Atandre Virelai by Antonius de Civitate Austrie
  12. At catharina deum servans in St. Catharine of Alexandria, Lauds, Antiphon 3
  13. At cesar maximianus St. Piatus, Matins, Responsory 7
  14. At christi sponsa christi St. Catharine of Alexandria, Matins, Antiphon 9
  15. At dum sponsa dei scelus omne St. Wereburga, 12
  16. A te christe eruditus beatus St. Ambrosius of Milan, Matins, Antiphon 6
  17. A telluris traxit fece St. Margaret, martyr, Matins, Verse 5
  18. A templo quod fundatum est a Presentacio BVM, Matins, Antiphon 2
  19. A templo sancto tuo quod est Verse for Pentecost Sunday
  20. A teneris annis christi St. Guillelmus of Vercelli, Matins, Antiphon 1
  21. A te petit domine vitam iesu St. Leonardus of Limoges, Matins, Antiphon 8
  22. Ater satana fugatur et St. Valentinus duo, Matins, Verse 8
  23. A te vitam peciit christe St David of Wales, Matins, Antiphon 8
  24. A te vitam peciit letus ad St. Alexius, Matins, Antiphon 8
  25. At ferus augusti tam feda ad St. Severus of Barcelona, Matins, Antiphon 7
  26. A thalamo egrediens sicut St. Descensio BVM, Matins, Antiphon 2
  27. Athleta autem Christi ad Antiphon
  28. Athleta Christi Antoninus msr Hymn
  29. Athleta christi capitur St Sigismundus, Matins, Responsory 3
  30. Athleta Christi Julianus Antiphon for Julian of Brioude, Martyr
  31. Athleta christi placidus St. Placidus, Lauds, Antiphon 2
  32. Athleta Christi sancte Antiphon for Beheading of St John the Baptist
  33. Athleta Christi Vincenti post Antiphon for St Vincent
  34. Athleta dei Antonine qui pro Antiphon for Antoninus, Martyr
  35. Athleta Dei Gallus triduo Responsory for Gall, Hermit
  36. Athleta dei gravibus penis St. Benedictus, Matins, Antiphon 6
  37. Athleta dei imperterritus Antiphon
  38. Athleta dei inclitus et sacer Responsory for Aubert (Aubertus), Bishop of Cambrai
  39. Athleta dei oswaldus sanguine St Oswaldus, Matins, Responsory 12
  40. Athleta dei quirinus odorem St. Quirinus, Matins, Responsory 8
  41. Athleta dei triduo jejunavit Responsory for Gall, Hermit
  42. Athleta domini cuthbertus St. Cuthbertus, Matins, Responsory 12
  43. Athleta Domini Dionysius psal Verse for St Ursula
  44. Athleta fortis domini St. Gerulphus, Vespers, Antiphon 4
  45. Athletam christi fortem St. Thomas Didymus, Vespers, Antiphon 2
  46. Athleta victo turbine per St. Eucharius of Toul, Matins, Responsory 5
  47. Athlete christi sacra plebi St. Ursus, Matins, Responsory 6
  48. Athlete domini crucis en St. Cosmas & Damianus, Matins, Responsory 8
  49. A thoma baptismate spiritu The Three Kings, Matins, Antiphon 8
  50. atia, magis ac magis ad super Verse
  51. At Iesus conversus videns eam Antiphon for 25th Sunday after Pentecost
  52. At illa dixit etiam Tract
  53. At illa, existimans quia hort Verse
  54. At illa osculata est caput Verse for St Cecilia
  55. At ille festinans descendit Antiphon for Dedication of a Church
  56. At ille jussit Isaiam S. Augustini, In primo nocturno: Antiphon
  57. At ille piissimus ut erat Antiphon for Maurus, Abbot
  58. At ille se univit Verse for Walburga, Virgin Abbess
  59. At ille, versa cruce, sursum Verse
  60. At illi abstracto gladio Antiphon
  61. At illi intinctam tunica Verse for 3rd Sunday in Lent
  62. At illi, intincta tunica Jose Verse for 3rd Sunday in Lent
  63. At illi spretis retibus patre St. Maria Salome, Matins, Verse 1
  64. At illi tincta tunica Joseph Verse for 3rd Sunday in Lent
  65. A timore inimici eripe, Antiphon for Wednesdays, Ferial Office
  66. A timore inimici eripe domine , Matins, Antiphon 5
  67. A timore inimici eripe, Antiphon for Wednesdays, Ferial Office
  68. A timore inimici factus St. Trudbertus, Matins, Antiphon 11
  69. A timore inimici sanctus St. Leonardus of Limoges, Matins, Antiphon
  70. At ipsorum nobis toto affectu St. Achacius, Matins, Antiphon 8
  71. Atollere tuas (- not done) St. Adalbertus, Matins, Responsory 1
  72. Rorate coeli desuper et nubes Verse
  73. A tortore comprehensus St. Christophorus, Matins, Antiphon 7
  74. At pater adveniens presidi St. Barbara, Matins, Antiphon 7
  75. At pater ignarus fidei quam St. Barbara, Matins, Responsory 1
  76. At petrus ecclesie prelatus St. Domnius, Matins, Antiphon 3
  77. At puer insignis psalmis St. Sulinus, Matins, Antiphon 5
  78. Atque alio penetrans spiritus St. Severus of Barcelona, Matins, Verse 6
  79. Atque colant pure sollemptia Verse for Pasion Sunday
  80. Atque fidem christi persuasit St. Felicianus, Matins, Verse 5
  81. Atque gregi dona presul St. Gerardus of Potenza, 8
  82. Atque imber grassabatur cum St. Ioannes Gualbertus, Matins, Verse 9
  83. Atque ita contigit per hoc Verse for St Remigii
  84. Atque pestiferos libros coram Sts Lucianus & Marcianus, Matins, Verse 1
  85. Atque redemptoris tanto St. Mary Magdalene, Matins, Antiphon 5
  86. Atrebatum urbi directus vir St. Vaast, Matins, Antiphon 9
  87. atrem vestrum, Deum meum et D Verse
  88. Atria fidelium iubilate deo Blessed Virgin Mary, Lauds, Antiphon 2
  89. Atria ierusalem penetrans et St. Catharine of Alexandria, Lauds, Antiphon 2
  90. Atria leticie virgo iubilando St. Barbara, Lauds, Antiphon 2
  91. A tribus his igitur St. Constancius, Lauds, Antiphon 5
  92. Atritus ticinensium cum laude St. Syrus of Pavia, Vespers, Antiphon 2
  93. Atroces flammarum globi dum St. Cesarius, Matins, Verse 3
  94. Atrox carnis martyrium St. Mattheus, Matins, Antiphon 6
  95. Atrox famis inedia exinanitum St. Gaudiosus, Matins, Responsory 12
  96. At rudis adulescentis St. Augustinus of Hippo, Matins, Responsory 3
  97. Attemptati decimati cadunt Sts Gregorius & Companions, Matins, Verse 6
  98. Attende caelum Canticle
  99. Attende caelum et loquar date Antiphon
  100. Attende coelum, et loquar: et Vig. Pentecostes, Ad Missam: Tractus

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