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Medieval Music Database

The Dixson Gradual

A thirteenth-century Cistercian gradual of 200 folios from the Abbey of San Stephano al Corno, Lodi, Italy. This manuscript is now in the Dixson Collection, State Library of New South Wales. It contains a Temporal Cycle, a Sanctoral Cycle, some Commons and a Hymnal.

The Poissy Antiphonal

A certified Dominican antiphonal of 428 folios from Poissy, written 1335-1345, with a complete annual cycle of chants for the Divine Office (Temporal, Sanctoral and Commons) and a hymnal. The manuscript also contains rules for copying chant and 23 historiated initials: it is in the State Libary of Victoria

The Rimini Antiphonal

A Franciscan Common of the Saints of 155 folios from Rimini, written 1328 and palimpsested on 40 folios with new texts and altered melodies sometime after 1582. The manuscript was decorated by Neri da Rimini with 8 historiated and 21 decorated letters: it is in the Richardson Collection of the State Library of New South Wales.

The Adelaide Antiphonal

A 13th century Italian antiphonal of 180 folios from Christmas to the Saturday after Epiphany held by the State Library of South Australia. This site includes a transcription, translation of the text and rubrics into English and sound recordings of selected works. The manuscript has one historiated and 13 illuminated letters and other noteworthy features