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Works beginning with 'O', file 2

  1. O anima sanctissima, qua Memoria of St. Thoma, In primo nocturno: Responsorium
  2. O anna felicissima omni laude St. Anna, Lauds, Antiphon 3
  3. O anna felix annue ut festa St. Anna, Matins, Antiphon 6
  4. O anna mater nobilis ex te St. Anna, Lauds, Antiphon
  5. O Anna matrona nobilis quae Antiphon for Anne, Matron
  6. O antiquis miraculis Antiphon
  7. O argi gemma pontificum St. Arigius, Vespers, Magnificat Antiphon
  8. O athleta christi care nostri St Carolus Magnus, Matins, Antiphon
  9. O athleta christi miles St. Auspicius, Matins, Responsory 9
  10. O athleta gloriose inter Antiphon for Victor of Marseilles et al., Martyrs
  11. O athleta invictissime o Responsory for Saturninus, Martyr Bishop of Toulouse
  12. O athleta martyr dei vera St. Sigismundus, Matins, Responsory 9
  13. O athletam in victissimum Antiphon for Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre
  14. O athleta summi regis Responsory for Stephen the First Martyr
  15. O athleta virtuose arnulfe St.Arnulfus [martyr], Lauds, Antiphon 4
  16. O auctor summe celorum qui St. Autor, Matins, Responsory 9
  17. O aurora super terram St. Gerardus of Csanád, Lauds, Antiphon 2
  18. O autor flos pontificum St. Autor, Matins, Responsory 4
  19. O Barbara martyr inclita Antiphon for Barbara, Virgin Martyr
  20. O barbara martyr sancta St. Barbara, Vespers, Responsory
  21. O barbara virgo pia rosa St. Barbara, Matins, Responsory 12
  22. O barbare mira potencia que St. Barbara, Matins, Responsory 6
  23. O barbarum specta (div) Hymn
  24. O barnarde pastor pie aperi St. Barnardus, Vespers, Antiphon 3
  25. O barnarde pater egregie ad St. Barnardus, Matins, Responsory 3
  26. Obaudite me divini fructus et Antiphon
  27. Ob decus ecclesie multum St. Osmundus, Lauds, Antiphon 3
  28. Ob defectum aqueum fodi iubet St. Leonardus of Limoges, Matins, Responsory 11
  29. Ob dei nutum sedavit pius Antiphon for Gereon and Companions, Martyrs
  30. Ob delenda culparum vicia St. Anulfus of Gap, Matins, Responsory 7
  31. Obductum ceca caligine lucis St. Placidus, Matins, Antiphon 9
  32. Obduxere polum nubila caeli Hymn
  33. O beata anima quae meruit Antiphon for Trinity Sunday
  34. O beata barbara que St. Barbara, Matins, Responsory 9
  35. O beata beatissimae confessor Antiphon
  36. O beata benedicta gloriosa Antiphon for Trinity Sunday
  37. O beata Caecilia quae duos Antiphon for St Cecilia
  38. O beata Caecilia, quae duos S. Caeciliae, In primo nocturno: Responsorium
  39. O beata cecilia que duos St Cecilia, Matins, Verse 1
  40. O beata christi ava sordes St. Anna, Matins, Antiphon 6
  41. O beata deo grata virgo gaude St. Eufemia, Matins, Responsory 6
  42. O beata enimia nostri mater St. Enimia, Lauds, Antiphon 3
  43. O beatae passionis Antiphon for St Vincent
  44. O beata et benedicta et De Trinitate, Ad Vesperas: Antiphon
  45. O beata et benedicta gloriosa Holy Trinity, Lauds, Antiphon 2
  46. O beata et gloriosa anna que St. Anna, Matins, Responsory 6
  47. O beata felicitas cuius sic St. Felicitas, Matins, Responsory 10
  48. O beata infantia per quam Antiphon for Memorial chants for Mary, Christmas
  49. O beata Kunegundis vitiorum Antiphon for Moving of Cunegund's relics
  50. O beata lactantium gloria Antiphon for Holy Innocents
  51. O beata lactantium gloria, Antiphon for Holy Innocents
  52. O beata latria christi per Vulnera domini, Matins, Antiphon 6
  53. O beata Lucia quae pro Antiphon for St Lucy
  54. O beata Maria Magdalena quae Responsory for Mary Magdalene
  55. O beata Maria piarum undis Responsory for Mary Magdalene
  56. O beata Maria quae piarum Responsory for Mary Magdalene
  57. O beata Martha Christi matris Responsory for Martha, Virgin
  58. O beata Martha quae a pia Antiphon for Martha, Virgin
  59. O beata Martha quae a pio Antiphon for Martha, Virgin
  60. O beata mater anna ex te St. Anna, Matins, Antiphon 9
  61. O beata mater gaude tu es St. Anna, Matins, Antiphon 3
  62. O beata oboedientia qua et Antiphon for Maurus, Abbot
  63. O beata progenies et Concepcio BVM, Matins, Responsory 3
  64. O beata progenies o veneranda Responsory for Conception of BVM
  65. O beata Radegundis virginum Antiphon
  66. O beata reduccio eustachii ad St. Eustachius, Matins, Responsory 9
  67. O beata simplicitas que St. Adalbertus, Matins, Antiphon 5
  68. O beata sponsa christi S. Elisabeth Hung., Ad Vesperas: Antiphon
  69. O beata sponsa christi virgo St. Fides, Matins, Responsory 11
  70. O beata sterilitas de qua St. Anna, Lauds, Antiphon 1
  71. O beata Trinitas, te Responsory for Trinity Sunday
  72. O beata Victoria martyr Antiphon for Victoria and Anatolia, Virgin Martyrs
  73. O beata virgo angelorum choro Antiphon for Asumption of BVM
  74. O beata virgo Maria tu Antiphon
  75. O beate bartholomee S. Bartholomaei, Ad Vesperas: Antiphon
  76. O beate beatorum sancte S. Bartholomaei, Ad Vesperas: Antiphon
  77. O beate Chrysogone magna est Antiphon for Chrysogonus, Martyr
  78. O beate Chyrsogone magna est Responsory for Chrysogonus, Martyr
  79. O beate dei athleta Jacobe o Antiphon for St James the Apostle
  80. O beate Dionysi magna est Antiphon for St Ursula
  81. O beate Fursee qui totis Antiphon for Fursey, Abbot
  82. O beate Hilari omnium corde Antiphon for St Felix
  83. O beate iacobe omnium corde , Vespers, Antiphon
  84. O beate Dionysi, magna est Antiphon for Common of one Confesor
  85. O beate ioachim et anna beata Sts Ioachim & Anna, Matins, Responsory 9
  86. O beate Jacobe, omnium corde S. Jacobi, Ad Vesperas: Antiphon
  87. O beate Joannes corona Responsory
  88. O beate Lazare ora pro nobis Verse for Lazarus of Bethany, "Bp." Marseilles
  89. O beate Lazare praesul Responsory for Lazarus of Bethany, "Bp." Marseilles
  90. O beate Lazare pretiose Antiphon for Lazarus of Bethany, "Bp." Marseilles
  91. O beate Lazare sidus aureum Verse for Lazarus of Bethany, "Bp." Marseilles
  92. O beate martyr Adriane tuos Antiphon for Adrian, Martyr
  93. O beate martyr Christi qui Antiphon for Adrian, Martyr
  94. O beate Oswalde praesul magne Antiphon for Moving of Oswald's relics
  95. O beate pater Amande pium Antiphon for Octave of Amand
  96. O beate pater et dux Antiphon for Moving of Benedict's relics
  97. O beate pater Martine pium Antiphon for St Martin
  98. O beate pater olave pium St Olavus, Vespers, Antiphon 5
  99. O beate pater Wulstanus Verse for Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester
  100. O beate Petre claviger Antiphon for St Peter Martyr

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