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9 Antiphons related to 'Joannes vocabitur no men ejus'

based on common motifs in the same order and greater than 80% similarity
calculated as the percentage of all notes in the melody contained in common motifs

1. Antiphon: CAO 2150 Deposuit potentes sanctos persequentes et exaltavit humiles Christum confitentes
Similarity: 82%
Common structure: (+D)+ 1:FGFGa (+bab)+ 2:GFaGEGaGFG 3:ECEGFED
This melody: DC [1] Gba [2] F [3]
2. Antiphon: CAO 2117 De quinque panibus et duobus piscibus satiavit dominus quinque millia hominum
Similarity: 82%
Common structure: (+D)+ 1:FGFGaba (+bGF)+ 2:aGEGaGFGECEG 3:FED
This melody: DC [1] GFG [2] E [3]
3. Antiphon: Unguentum effusum nomen tuum, ideo adolescentulae dilexerun te nimis.
Similarity: 87%
Common structure: (+D)+ 1:FGFGaba (+b)+ 2:GFaGEGaGFGECE (+G)+ 3:FED
This melody: DC [1] [2] FE [3]
4. Antiphon: CAO 3979 Nuptiae factae sunt in Cana Galilaeae et erat ibi Iesus cum Maria matre eius
Similarity: 91%
Common structure: (+D)+ 1:FGFGaba (+b)+ 2:GFaGEGaGFGECEG 3:FED
This melody: DC [1] [2] E [3]
5. Antiphon: CAO 5172 Transeunte domino clamabat caecus ad eum miserere mei fili David
Similarity: 92%
Common structure: (+D)+ 1:FGFGaba (+b)+ 2:GFaGEGaGFGECEGFED
This melody: DC [1] [2]
6. Antiphon: CAO 5165 Tradetur enim gentibus ad illudendum et flagellandum et crucifigendum
Similarity: 86%
Common structure: (+D)+ 1:FGFGaba (+b)+ 2:GFaGEGaGFGE (+CEG)+ 3:FED
This melody: DC [1] [2] [3]
7. Antiphon: CAO 5309 Valde honorandus est beatus Ioannes qui supra pectus domini in caena recubuit
Similarity: 86%
Common structure: (+D)+ 1:FGFGaba (+b)+ 2:GFaGEGaGFGE (+CEG)+ 3:FED
This melody: DC [1] [2] [3]
8. Antiphon: Sun de hic stantibus qui non gustabun mortem donec videant Filium hominis in regno suo.
Similarity: 81%
Common structure: (+D)+ 1:FGFGaba (+b)+ 2:GFaGEGaGFG (+ECE)+ 3:GFED
This melody: DC [1] [2] FEF [3]
9. Antiphon: CAO 1826 Clarifica me pater apud temetipsum claritate quam habui priusquam mundus fieret
Similarity: 82%
Common structure: (+D)+ 1:FGFGa (+bab)+ 2:GFaGEGaGFG 3:ECEG 4:FED
This melody: DC [1] áa [2] F [3] E [4]

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Friday, 14 March 2003

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