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5 Antiphons related to 'Deus a Libano veniet et sple'

based on common motifs in the same order and greater than 80% similarity
calculated as the percentage of all notes in the melody contained in common motifs

1. Antiphon: In patientia vestra possidebitis animas vestras
Similarity: 95%
Common structure: 1:DCDEFGFEDCFGaGFG (+FG)+ 2:EFED
This melody: [1] [2]
2. Antiphon: In patientia vestr possidebitis animas vestr
Similarity: 84%
Common structure: 1:DCDEFGFEDCFGaGFG (+FG)+ 2:EFED
This melody: [1] [2] aGFGaG
3. Antiphon: CAO 3607 Levabit dominus signum in nationibus et congregabit dispersos Israel
Similarity: 87%
Common structure: 1:DCDEFGFEDCFGaG (+F)+ 2:GFGEFED
This melody: [1] aGFEGa [2]
4. Antiphon: CAO 3612 Lex per Moysen data est, gratia et veritas per Jesum Chri stu facta est.
Similarity: 93%
Common structure: 1:DCDEFGFED (+C)+ 2:FGaGFGFGEFED
This melody: [1] [2] CD
5. Antiphon: CAO 4129 Omnes qui habebant infirmos variis languoribus ducebant illos ad Iesum et sanabantur
Similarity: 93%
Common structure: (+DC)+ 1:DEFG 2:FEDCFGaGFGFGEFED
This melody: [1] E [2]

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Friday, 14 March 2003

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