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3 Responsory Verses related to
'Cumque intuerentur in coelum euntem illu'

based on common motifs in the same order and greater than 80% similarity
calculated as the percentage of all notes in the melody contained in common motifs

1. Responsory Verse: CAO 6760 Immaculatus Dominus immaculatus sibi famulam, in hoc fragilitatis corpore positam, misericorditer con secravit.
Similarity: 99%
Common structure: 1:defedcdcbcdcdbcdcd 2:cdcbcbaGcbcdedfecdefedededcbcdedefedcdededcbcb
This melody: [1] b [2]
2. Responsory Verse: CAO 2639 Erat qui dem in fecun da corpore, sed servata mysterio: caruitquae sterilitatis oppro brio, gignen do filium de coelo pro missum.
Similarity: 91%
Common structure: 1:defedcdcbcdcdbcdcd 2:cdcbcbaGcbcd (+ed)+ 3:fecdefed 4:ededcbcdedefedcdededcbcb
This melody: [1] b [2] [3] cdcbcdcded [4]
3. Responsory Verse: CAO 7144 Tres enim adhuc dies sun pos quos recordabitur Pharao ministerii tui, et restituet te in gradum pristinum tun memen to mei.
Similarity: 96%
Common structure: 1:defedcdcbcdc 2:dbcdcd 3:cdcbc (+b)+ 4:aGcbcdedfecdefedededcbcdedefedcdededcbcb
This melody: [1] ecdc [2] b [3] [4]

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Friday, 14 March 2003

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