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6 Responsory Verses related to
'Quomodo fiet istud quo niam virum'

based on common motifs in the same order and greater than 80% similarity
calculated as the percentage of all notes in the melody contained in common motifs

1. Responsory Verse: CAO 7563 O bona crux, diu desiderata et jam con cupiscen ti animo praeparata.
Similarity: 98%
Common structure: 1:defedcbcdcbcd (+cd)+ 2:bcdcdefedcdcbcdedededcbcdedefedcdededcbcb
This melody: [1] [2]
2. Responsory Verse: CAO 7707 Factum est silentium in coelo: et accepit angelus thuribulum et implevit illud de igne altaris.
Similarity: 96%
Common structure: 1:defedcbcdcbcd (+cd)+ 2:bcdcdefedcdcbcdededed 3:cbcdedefedcdededcbcb
This melody: [1] [2] ed [3]
3. Responsory Verse: CAO 6001 Inter apostolos vocatione novissimus praedicatione primus nomen Chri sti mul tarum manifestavit gen tium populis.
Similarity: 98%
Common structure: 1:defedcbcdcbcdcdbcdcdefedcdcbcdededed 2:cbcdedefedcdededcbcb
This melody: [1] ed [2]
4. Responsory Verse: CAO 6409 Ne timeas, Zacharia, quo niam exaudita est oratio tua, et Elisabeth uxor tua pariet tibi filium.
Similarity: 98%
Common structure: 1:defedcbcdcbcdcd 2:bcdcdefedcdcbcdedededcbcdedefedcdededcbcb
This melody: [1] cd [2]
5. Responsory Verse: CAO 6931 Erue a framea, Deus, animam meam: et de manu canis unicam meam.
Similarity: 97%
Common structure: 1:defedcbcdcbcdc 2:dbcdcdefedcdcbcd 3:edededcbcdedefedcdededcbcb
This melody: [1] e [2] cd [3]
6. Responsory Verse: CAO 6129 Qui regis Israel, intende: qui deducis velut ovem Joseph.
Similarity: 83%
Common structure: 1:defedc 2:bcdc (+bcdcdbcdc)+ 3:defedcdcbcdedededcbcdedefe (+dc)+ 4:dededcbcb
This melody: [1] dcbcd [2] [3] cb [4]

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Friday, 14 March 2003

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