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anonymous istampitta


London: British Library, Additional 29987, fol. 55v-56 (1/0).


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1. Music of the Time of Boccaccio's Decameron, Musica Reservata, directed by John Beckett: Philips 802904.
2. Tanzmusik der Renaissance (Dance Music of the Renaissance), Ulsamer Collegium, Konrad Ragossnig (lute & guitar), directed by Josef Ulsamer: DG Archiv 2533 111 (INT).
3. Golden Dance Hits of 1600, Konrad Ragossnig (lute), Siegfried Behrend (guitar), Siegfri, directed by Josef Ulsamer: Deutsche Gramophon-2563 522 (INT)/ 2538 348 (INT).
4. Dance Music of the Renaissance and the Baroque, Jaye Consort of Viols, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, Canzona, directed by Denis Stevens: Orpheus OR 352/3/4.
5. Florentine Music (Ars Nova and Renaissance), New York Pro Musica, directed by La Noue Davenport: Decca DL 9428, 79428.
6. Tanzmusik der Gotik und Renaissance, Les Menéstrels, Wiener Ensemble für alte Musik, directed by Klaus Walter, E. Kölz: Amadeo AVRS 5052.
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9. Transformations, Music for a While, directed by Richard Taruskin (1974): 1750 Arch Records 1753.
10. Estampie. Instrumentalmusik des Mittelalters, Early Music Studio, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, directed by Thomas Binkley (1974): EMI-Reflexe 1C 063-30-122 (GER)/ 1C 163-30-119/24 (GER).
11. A Tapestry of Music for the Black Prince and His Knights, St. George's Canzona, directed by John Sothcott (1978): Enigma K53571 (GB).
12. Medieval Monodies: Martin Codax/Marcabru, La Romanesca, directed by John Griffiths (1982): Move MS 3044.

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