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Excelsus in numine; Benedictus dominus

anonymous motet.


Oxford: New College Library 362, item XXVI, fol. 86v-87 (3/2).


1. APFEL, Ernst. Studien zur Satztechnik der mittelalterlichen englischen Musik, 2 vols, Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1959. Abhandlungen der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaft, Philosophisch-Historische Klasse 5, pp. 44-45.
2. Manuscripts of 14th Century English Polyphony: A Selection of Facsimiles, edited by Frank Ll. Harrison and Roger Wibberley, London: Stainer & Bell, 1982. Early English Church Music XXVI, plates 85-86.

Text Editions

1. STEVENS, Denis. 'Music in honour of St. Thomas of Canterbury', Musical Quarterly, LVII (1970), no. 7.
2. Medieval Music, edited by W. Thomas Marrocco and Nicholas Sandon, London: Oxford University Press, 1977, no. 48.
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