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Mass of Tournai

anonymous Mass setting


Tournai: Bibliothèque Capitulaire 476, fol. 28-33v (3/2).


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1. Tournai Mass (13th-14th Century), Vocal soloists and instrumentalists, directed by M. Honegger: Christophorus CLP 75486.
2. Missa Tournai um 1330. Motetten um 1320, Capella Antiqua München, directed by Konrad Ruhland (1967): Telefunken AW6 41231 (SAWT 9517) (GER).
3. Missa Tournai. Missa Barcelona, Pro Cantione Antiqua, London, directed by Mark Brown (1980): Harmonia Mundi IC 065-99-870.
4. Anonyme du XIVe Siècle: Messe de Tournai; Guillaume de Machaut: Messe de Nostre Dame, Ensemble Vocal Guillaume Dufay, Ensemble Instrumental 'Les S, directed by Arsène Bedois (1981): Erato STU 71303 (FRA).
5. Messe de Tournai, Ensemble Organum, directed by Marcel Pérès (1991): Harmonia Mundi HMC 901353.

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