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Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya 971 and Gerona, Archivo Capitular, frag. 33/1

The bifolio which served as a binding for E-Bcen 971 (ff.13-14 in RISM) is now classified with a second Gerona bifolio from the ?same manuscript (the second bifolio of RISM's E-G). The 5 polyphonic works include mass movements and a motet.


Répertoire international des sources musicales. BIV 2. Manuscripts of Polyphonic Music (c.1320-1400), edited by Gilbert Reaney, G. Henle Verlag: Munich-Duisburg, 1969, pp. 90-92.


  1. xii-xiii, Gloria, armonizabit - ... cum regali pretio (Gloria))

  2. xiii-xiii verso, Credo (Johannes de Bosco))

  3. xvii-xvii verso, Credo (Johannes Alamani))

  4. xvii-xvii/v, Credo (Johannes Alamani))

  5. xxiiii/v, Credo (Pierre Taillandier))

  6. xxiv, ... bon milgrana de valor - Mon gauch mon ris (motet))

  7. xxiv verso, Credo (Pierre Taillandier))

  8. fol. 14r/v, Credo (Johannes de Bosco))


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  2. GOMEZ, Maria del Carmen. 'Musique et musiciens dans les chapelles de la maison royale d'Aragon (1336-1413)', Musica Disciplina, XXXVIII (1984): 67-86 (p. 78ff).


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2.Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, BM 853b (2v-3v, Credo; 2v-3v, Credo).
3.Barcelona, Biblioteca de L'Orfeó Català 2 (BarcB) (4, Credo; 4, Credo).
4.Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek 29775 (1r/v, Credo; 1r/v, Credo).
5.Munich, Bayrische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 29775 (1r-v, Credo; 1r-v, Credo).
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7.Strasbourg, Bibliothèque Municipale (olim Bibliothèque de la Ville) 222 C. 22 (56v, Credo; 56v/57v, Credo; 56v, Credo; 56v/57v, Credo)

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