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Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, BM 853b

Four bifolios from a 14th-century parchment manuscript, presumed to have been in a Catalan church in the 15th-century. There are 9 polyphonic mass movements, 4 of which are concordant in F-APT 16bis.


GOMEZ, Maria del Carmen. 'Neue Quellen mit mehrstimmiger geistlicher Musik des 14. Jahrhunderts in Spanien', Acta Musicologica, L (1978): 208-216 (pp. 208-211).


  1. fol. 1v-2, Gloria (Gloria))

  2. fol. 2v-3v, Credo (Pierre Taillandier))

  3. fol. 5-5v, Gloria (Johannes de Bosco))

  4. fol. 8, Agnus Dei (Agnus Dei))

  5. fol. 8-8v, Kyrie, O sacra virgo (Kyrie))

  6. fol. 10, Sanctus (Sanctus))

  7. fol. 10v-11, Agnus Dei, rex immense pietatis (Mass of Toulouse) (Agnus Dei))

  8. fol. 11v-12, Ave regina - Ave regina (motet))

  9. fol. 12, Kyrie, Summe clementissime (Johannes Graneti))


GOMEZ, Maria del Carmen. 'Musique et musiciens dans les chapelles de la maison royale d'Aragon (1336-1413)', Musica Disciplina, XXXVIII (1984): 67-86 (p. 78ff).


1.Apt, Cathédrale Sainte-Anne, Bibliothèque du Chapitre, 16bis (8v, Kyrie, O sacra virgo; 24v-25, Gloria; 24, Kyrie, Summe clementissime; 36v-37v, Credo).
2.Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, BM 853c/d (5, Kyrie, O sacra virgo).
3.Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya 971 (olim 946) (10v-11, Gloria).
4.Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya 971 and Gerona, Archivo Capitular, frag. 33/1 (xxiv verso, Credo; xxiiii/v, Credo).
5.Barcelona, Biblioteca de L'Orfeó Català 2 (BarcB) (4, Credo; 5, Kyrie, Summe clementissime).
6.Gerona, Archivo Capitular, frag. 33/II (1v, Ave regina - Ave regina; 3v, Agnus Dei, rex immense pietatis (Mass of Toulouse)).
7.Madrid, Archivo Histórico Nacional, Carpeta 1474, frag. 17 (1, Kyrie, Summe clementissime).
8.Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Handschriften-Inkunabelabteilung, MS Latinus monacensis 14274 (olim Mus. 3232a; Clm 352c) (32v, Kyrie, Summe clementissime; 78v, Gloria).
9.Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek 29775 (1r/v, Credo; 78v, Gloria).
10.Munich, Bayrische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 29775 (Ar, Gloria; 1r-v, Credo).
11.Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 14274 (olim M.mus. 3232a) (78v, Gloria).
12.Paris, Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève 1257 (36v, Kyrie, Summe clementissime).
13.Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Ottoboniano latino 1969 (n3, Credo; IIr/v, Credo).
14.Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Urb. latino 1419 (93v, Kyrie, Summe clementissime).
15.Strasbourg, Bibliothèque Municipale (olim Bibliothèque de la Ville) 222 C. 22 (41v, Gloria; 56v, Credo; 56v/57v, Credo).
16.Toulouse, Bibliothèque Municipale 94 (226v, Agnus Dei, rex immense pietatis (Mass of Toulouse))

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