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Gerona, Archivo Capitular, frag. 33/II

3 folios from an early 15thC manuscript containing polyphonic mass movements and motets. There are cc. in F-APT and I-IV. RISM matches it with the bifolio Gerona 33/1, now classified as Barc-Ger with E-Bd 971b-G.


Répertoire international des sources musicales. BIV 2. Manuscripts of Polyphonic Music (c.1320-1400), edited by Gilbert Reaney, G. Henle Verlag: Munich-Duisburg, 1969, pp. 94-97.


  1. Sanctus (Sanctus))

  2. fol. 1, Kyrie (Chipre))

  3. fol. 1v, Ave regina - Ave regina (motet))

  4. fol. 2, Kyrie, Principium effectivum (Kyrie))

  5. fol. 2v-3, Sanctus (Fleurie))

  6. fol. 2v-3r, Sanctus (Sanctus))

  7. fol. 3v, Agnus Dei, rex immense pietatis (Mass of Toulouse) (Agnus Dei))


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1.Apt, Cathédrale Sainte-Anne, Bibliothèque du Chapitre, 16bis (4v, Kyrie; 4, Kyrie, Principium effectivum; 11-11v, Sanctus; 11r/v, Sanctus; 11v, Sanctus; 11v, Sanctus).
2.Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, BM 853b (10v-11, Agnus Dei, rex immense pietatis (Mass of Toulouse); 11v-12, Ave regina - Ave regina).
3.Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, BM 853c/d (2v, Sanctus; 2v, Sanctus; 2v, Sanctus).
4.Ivrea, Biblioteca Capitolare 115 (36, Kyrie).
5.Kernaskléden, frescoes in the church of Notre Dame (Sanctus; Sanctus).
6.Toulouse, Bibliothèque Municipale 94 (226v, Agnus Dei, rex immense pietatis (Mass of Toulouse))

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