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Oxford, Bodleian Library, e. Museo 7

An early 12th century manuscript of St. Augustine's commentary on Psalms. There are four flyleaves at each end from a 14th century manuscript, containing three- and four-part motets and a probable textless Kyrie. French influence is notable.


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  1. III\1, Maria mole pressa criminum (motet))

  2. III\2, Zorobabel abigo - Zorobabel actibus (motet))

  3. IIIv-IV\1, Petrum cephas ecclesie - Petrus pastor potissimus - Petre [amas me] (motet))

  4. IIIv-IV\2, Rex visibilium - Rex invictissime regnorum - Regnum t[uum] solidum (whole chant setting))

  5. IVv, Lux refulget monachorum (motet))

  6. VIv\1, Templum eya Salomonis (motet))

  7. VIv\2, Barrabas dimittitur dignus - Barrabas dimittitur - Babilonis flumina (whole chant setting))

  8. V\1, Duodeno sydere micat (motet))

  9. V\2, ... alleluya - Frondentibus florentibus silvis - Floret (motet))

  10. Vv-VI\1, Ave, miles celestis curie - Ave, rex patrone - Ave, rex [gentis] - Ave, rex (whole chant setting))

  11. Vv-VI\2, De flore martirum - Deus tuorum militum - Ave, rex gentis (motet))

  12. fol. 266, [C]uius de manibus - Quadri... ivium (motet))

  13. fol. 266v-267, [O]mnis terra colere conetur - [H]abenti dabitur (motet))

  14. fol. 267, [Kyrie] (Kyrie))

  15. fol. 267v-268, [D]eus creator omnium - [R]ex genitor ingenite - Doucement mi reconforte (motet))

  16. fol. 268v-269\1, [P]ura placens pulcra - [P]arfundement plure Absolon (motet))

  17. fol. 268v-269\2, [D]omine, quis habitabit - [D]e veri cordis adipe - Concupisco (motet))

  18. fol. 269v, [P]arce piscatoribus - Relictis retibus (motet))


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1.Berkeley (UK), Berkeley Castle Library, Muniments, Select Roll 55 (n4, Barrabas dimittitur dignus - Barrabas dimittitur - Babilonis flumina).
2.Durham, Cathedral Library C.I.20 (3, Barrabas dimittitur dignus - Barrabas dimittitur - Babilonis flumina).
3.Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Miscellaneous 594 (rear cover inside, ... alleluya - Frondentibus florentibus silvis - Floret).
4.Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds nouv. acq. français 23190 (olim Serrant Château, ducs de la Trémoïlle) (43v-44, [P]ura placens pulcra - [P]arfundement plure Absolon).

Recordings of works contained in this manuscript

The Treasury of English Church Music. Vol. 1: 1100 - 1545: EMI (Odeon) CSD 3504 (HMV CSD 3504): Ave, miles celestis curie; Ave, rex patrone; Ave, rex [gentis]; Ave, rex;.

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