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Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, Va. 21-8

A 14th C parchment Gradual, with the Tournai Patrem added at the end of the ms. On f. 140 and 167 are illustrations of musical instruments. Folio 83 is missing.


Répertoire international des sources musicales. BIV 2. Manuscripts of Polyphonic Music (c.1320-1400), edited by Gilbert Reaney, G. Henle Verlag: Munich-Duisburg, 1969, p. 97.


fol. 272-274, Credo (Mass of Tournai) (Credo))


ANGLÉS, H. and J. SUBIRA. Catálogo musical de la Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid, Vol. I, Barceloona, 1946.


1.Apt, Cathédrale Sainte-Anne, Bibliothèque du Chapitre, 16bis, fol. 42v-45
2.Burgos, Monasterio de Las Huelgas, fol. 165v, 153-154
3.Tournai, Bibliothèque Capitulaire 476, fol. 30-31v

Recordings of works contained in this manuscript

  1. Messe de Tournai: Harmonia Mundi HMC 901353: Credo (Mass of Tournai);.
  2. Missa Tournai um 1330. Motetten um 1320: Telefunken AW6 41231 (SAWT 9517) (GER): Credo (Mass of Tournai);.
  3. Anonyme du XIVe Siècle: Messe de Tournai; Guillaume de Machaut: Messe: Erato STU 71303 (FRA): Credo (Mass of Tournai);.
  4. Missa Tournai. Missa Barcelona: Harmonia Mundi IC 065-99-870: Credo (Mass of Tournai);.
  5. Tournai Mass (13th-14th Century): Christophorus CLP 75486: Credo (Mass of Tournai);.

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