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Tours, Bibliothèque Municipale 925

2 leaves and 2 pastedowns from a motet ms. of apparently English origin, notable for its use of French (and 1 English) tenors. The 15thC corpus contains the works of Terence. Anderson first discovered the ms. in 1982.


  1. ANDERSON, Gordon A. 'New sources of medieval music', Musicology [Australia], VII (1982): 1-26.

  2. English Music for Mass and Offices (II) and Music for Other Ceremonies, edited by Ernest H. Sanders, Frank Ll. Harrison and Peter M. Lefferts, Monaco: Editions de L'Oiseau-Lyre, 1986. Polyphonic Music of the Fourteenth Century XVII.


  1. II, Valde mane diluculo devota - Valde mane diluculo Maria - Va dorenlot (motet))

  2. II, ... ma insuper et tymiamata - Or sus alouete (motet))

  3. II, In virtu. Sai[ant?] (motet))

  4. IIv, Corona virginum - Columba prudencie - Cui proclamant (whole chant setting))

  5. IIv, Mons olivarum ecce rumpitur - Mors amari moritur (motet))

  6. Iv, Exulta Syon - Exulta Syon - Exulta Syon - En ai ie bien trouve (motet))

  7. fol. 165, L... - L... (motet))

  8. fol. 165,Iv, S... - Syderea celi cacumina - Se iavoie i plaingant (motet))

  9. fol. 166, Ade finit perpete - Ade finit misere - A definement d'esté lerray (motet))

  10. fol. 166, Vide miser et iudica - Vide miser et cogita - Wynter (motet))


LEFFERTS, Peter M. The Motet in England in the Fourteenth Century, Ann Arbor: UMI Research Press, 1986.


Oxford, New College Library 362, item XXVI (87v, Ade finit perpete - Ade finit misere - A definement d'esté lerray).

Recordings of works contained in this manuscript

Music of the Middle Ages. Vol IV: English Polyphony of the 13th and ea: Expèriences Anonymes EA 0024: Ade finit perpete; Ade finit misere; A definement d'esté lerray;.

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