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Puis que ma dolour agree

virelai by Guillaume de Machaut


New York: Wildenstein Collection, fol. 324v (1/1);
Paris: Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 843 (text); Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 1584 (MachA), fol. 483v (1/1); Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 1585 (MachB), fol. 322v (1/1); Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 1586 (MachC), fol. 151 (1/1); Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 9221 (MachE), fol. 159v (1/1); Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 22546 (MachG), fol. 155v (1/1);
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Library, French MS 15, number 186 (text).


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3. Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377), p. 4.

Text Editions

Guillaume de Machaut: poésies lyriques, 2 vols., edited by V. Chichmaref, Paris: 1909, p. 587.


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2. GÜNTHER, Ursula. Der musikalische Stilwandel der französischen Liedkunst in der zweiten Hälfte des 14. Jahrhunderts, dargestelt an Virelais, Balladen und Rondeax von Machaut., Ph.D. dissertation, University of Hamburg: 1957, Chapter 4.3.
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Puis que ma dolour agree
A la debonnaire nee.
Qui par droit est appellee
Des dames la flour.
Certes, noble destinee
M'avint l'eure et la journee.
Qu'en mon cuer fu engendree
Si douce dolour.

Si ne plein pas mon labour.
Car ce me samble doucour.
Fine et esmeree.
Quant son gracieus atour
Et sa biaute, que j'aour
Par douce pensee.
Et sa face coulouree.
De toute biaute paree.
De doucour enluminee.
Remir en destour.
Sa bonte pure, affinee.
Sa maniere asseuree
Et ce qu'elle est courronee
De toute valour.

Puis que ma dolour agree...

Puis que ma dolour agree...

Si sens meint plaisant estour.
Quant sa biaute que j'aour
Ainsi remiree
Est en mon cuer par savour.
Dont en moy parfaite amour
Est enracinee.
S'en yiert servie, loee.
Creinte, celee, honnouree
Et parfaitement amee
De moy sans folour.
En esperant qu'arousee
Soit de la douce rousee
De merci la desiree
M'amoureuse ardour.

Puis que ma dolour agree...

Puis que ma dolour agree...

Mais Desirs, qui nuit et jour
M'assaut, l'a par sa vigour
Si fort embrasee
Que tainte en est ma coulour.
Et ma joie en est menour.
Quant tant ha duree.
Mais tant est bien doctrinee.
Douce, humble, simple, senee.
Plaisant, loyal et secree
Ma dame d'onnour
Qu'en li veoir iert doublee
Ma joie et m'ardeur finee
Et cent fois guerredonnee
Toute ma tristour.

Puis que ma dolour agree...


Since my pain is pleasing
To that well-born lady
Who rightly is called
The flower of ladies.
Certainly a noble destiny
Came to me that hour and day.
When in my heart was engendered
Such sweet pain.

So I do not complain of my toil.
For it seems sweet to me.
Fine and pure.
Since her gracious charms
And her beauty which I adore
In sweet thoughts.
And her blushing face.
Adorned with all beauties.
Illumined with sweetness.
I may secretly admire.
Her pure and refined goodness.
Her serene bearing
And the fact that she is crowned
With every virtue.

Since my pain is pleasing...

Since my pain is pleasing...

So I have many pleasant feelings
When her beauty which I adore
Is thus admired
In my heart with pleasure.
From which in me perfect love
Takes root.
So she will be served, praised.
Feared, cherished, honoured
And perfectly loved
By me without madness.
In hopes that my loving ardour
May be watered
By the sweet dew
Of desired mercy.

Since my pain is pleasing...

Since my pain is pleasing...

But Desire, which night and day
Assails me, has by its vigour
So much enflamed my heart
That my colour is changed
And my joy diminished.
Since it has endured so long.
But so well instructed.
Sweet, humble, simple and wise.
Pleasing, loyal and discreet
Is my honoured lady
That in seeing her my joy
Will be doubled and my ardour fulfilled
And one hundred times rewarded
Will be all my sorrow.

Since my pain is pleasing...

Text revision and translation © Jennifer Garnham

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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