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Donna, s'i' t'[h]o fallito

ballata by Francesco Landini


Assisi: Biblioteca Comunale 187, fol. 108;
Florence: Biblioteca Medicea-Laurenziana, Palatino 87 (Squarcialupi Codex), fol. 158 (2/2); Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Panciatichiano 26, fol. 1 (2/2);
London: British Library, Additional 29987, fol. 23 (2/1);
Lucca: Archivio di Stato 184 (Mancini Codex), fol. 47v (2/?);
Oxford: Bodleian Library, MS Canonici Latin Patristic [Scriptores Ecclesiastici] 229, number 9 (2/?);
Paris: Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds italien 568, fol. 85v-86 (2/2); Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds nouv. acq. français 6771 (Reina Codex), fol. 34 (2/2).


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Text Editions

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1. Francesco Landini 1325 - 1397, Early Music Studio, directed by Thomas Binkley (1973): EMI-Reflexe 1CO63-30-113 (GER).
2. Il Solazzo: music for a medieval banquet, Judith Malafronte, mezzo-soprano, and Drew Minter, countertenor, The Newberry Consort (1990): Harmonia Mundi 907038.

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