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Lux purpurata radiis; Diligite iustitiam

Three-voice motet by Jacopo da Bologna


Florence: San Lorenzo, Archivio Capitolare 2211 [palimpsest], fol. 61v (illegible; Motetus only);
Padua: Biblioteca Universitaria 1475, number 15 (3/2).


The Music of Jacopo da Bologna, edited by W. Thomas Marrocco, Berkeley: University of California, 1954. University of California Publications in Music 5.


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Lux purpurata radiis
Venti fugare tenebras.
Clementi vigens principe.

Honoris namque claritas
Ipsius toti seculo
Numen acquirit celebre
Virtutis atque gratie.

Servator rei publicae.
Virtutum cultor optimus.
Verus amator efficax.
Constans in omnis studio.
Et nil permittens irritum.
Clemens et iustus dominus.
Onustus arrogantibus.
Misericors egentibus
Emittit lumen omnibus
Salutis atque premii.


Diligite iustitiam
Qui iudicatis machinam.
Prodesse cunctis discite.
Obesse nulli querite.
Hoc proprium est principis.
Ut sit exutum viciis.
Solicitudo presuli
Sit comes, ut pacifice
Quiescant ejus populi.



Light, flourishing under the rule
of the clement prince, comes adorned
with rays to chase away darkness.

His honour and brilliance
acquire throughout the whole age
renowned authority
of virtue and grace.

Saviour of the state.
the greatest cultivator of virtue.
effective and true lover.
constant in all study.
enemy of all vanity.
clement and just lord.
hard on the arrogant.
compassionate to the poor.
who irradiates for all a light
of salvation and reward.


Choose justice
you who judge the machine [of the state].
Learn to help all men.
seek to harm no one.
This is worthy of a prince.
that he may be without vice.
May solicitude be
the companion of the protector.
so that his people may rest peacefully.

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Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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