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Medieval Music Database

Dappoi che 'l sole i dolti rati asconde

caccia by Niccolò da Perugia


Florence: Biblioteca Medicea-Laurenziana, Palatino 87 (Squarcialupi Codex), fol. 82v-83 (3/2);
London: British Library, Additional 29987, fol. 40v-41 (3/2).


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Italian Secular Music of the Trecento, Hortus Musicus, directed by Andres Moustonen: Chant du Monde LDX 78.665 (FRA).


Da poi che 'l sole i dolzi razi asconde
e la luna dimostra suo splendore.
senti' un gran romore
forte gridare: - Al fuoco, al fuoco! -
e poi, stando un poco:
- Ov'F? ov'F? - + qua. -
- Su, su, ogn'uom su. Fuor le lucerne.
lumiere con lanterne. -
- O tu de la campana.
suona! - Don don don don. - A l'arme, a l'arme! -
- Tuo to' la cervelliera.
la scure e la gorgiera.
tosto tosto, chT 'l fuoco pur s'apiglia. -
- Manda per la famiglia! -
- A l'acqua, a l'acqua! Su con le mezine! -
Chi porta docce, chi recava scale.
chi si facea male
e chi dicea: - Accorri, omF soccorri! -
- O tu de la trombetta.
suona! - Tatin tatin.
- Ciascun si tiri a dietro! -
Chi sgombra e chi rubava
e qual acqua versava
e tal rompea l'uscio con l'accetta.
Qui ognuno si affretta
pur d'amorzare 'l fuoco e le faville.
Passat'eran le squille
quando maestri con grand'argomento
gridavan: - Tutti a casa, ch'egli F spento. -

Tornando vidi, e sempre al cor mi sta.
cent'un, cent'un, con cinquantun e a.


After the sun concealed his rays
and the moon brought out her shine.
I heard a fearsome noise.
loud cries of "Fire, fire!"
And then, after a silence.
"Where is it? Where?" "It's here!"
"Quick, men, come here, and bring your lanterns out.
your lamps and lights."
"You, with the bells, ring out!"
"Ding dong ding dong." "Sound the alarm, there's a fire!"
"You, put your helmet on.
take the axe and the gorget.
quick, quick, before the fire takes hold."
"Send for the servants."
"Water! more water! come on with those buckets!"
Someone brought spouts, another carried ladders;
some hurt themselves, and others
shouted: "Help! come and help!"
"You with the bugle, sound
the alarm". "Ta ra, ta ra".
"All stand back!" Some removed
household chattels, some stole them.
and some others threw water;
and one broke down the front door with his axe.
They all hastened to douse
the fire and quench the sparks.
It was well past the time for evensong
when the firefighters cried: "All go home, now:
the fire is out." It took some persuasion.

On going back I saw, and in my heart it stays.
twice a hundred and one, plus fifty-one and A.

Text revision and translation © Giovanni Carsaniga

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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