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Corse per l'onde gia di speme piena

Two-voice madrigal by Paolo da Firenze


Florence: San Lorenzo, Archivio Capitolare 2211 [palimpsest], fol. 51v,101;
Paris: Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds italien 568, fol. 59v-60 (2/2).


1. Italian Secular Music: Bartolino da Padova, Egidius de Francia, Giulielmus de Francia, Don Paolo da Firenze, edited by W. Thomas Marrocco, Monaco: Editions de L'Oiseau-Lyre, 1975. Polyphonic Music of the Fourteenth Century IX, p. 116.
2. The Music of Fourteenth-Century Italy, edited by Nino Pirrotta and Ursula Günther, Rome: American Institute of Musicology. Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae 8/VI. [forthcoming]

Text Editions

CORSI, Giuseppe. Poesie musicali del Trecento, Bologna: Commissione per i testi di lingua, 1970, p. 267.


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Corse per l'onde gia di speme piena
la navicella mia d'aver buon porto
dietr'a la stella lucid'e serena.

Onde el giovin tempo in suo diporto
lieto vivea con dolci fiamme accese
quasi gia certo del mie gran conforto.

Ma nuov'uccel per l'aria gi· discese
che la mie speme per sT tolse e prese.


My ship sailed swiftly through the waves.
after the bright and shiny star.
hoping to find a safe harbour;

thus, during the sweet time of youth
I lived happy, burning with love.
almost certain that it would be requited.

But a strange bird swooped down through the air.
and snatched away my hopes.

Text revision and translation © Giovanni Carsaniga

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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