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Medieval Music Database

PerchT vendetta far or non si p=

ballata by Paolo da Firenze


Paris: BibliothŤque Nationale, fonds italien 568, fol. 83v (2/2).


1. Italian Secular Music: Bartolino da Padova, Egidius de Francia, Giulielmus de Francia, Don Paolo da Firenze, edited by W. Thomas Marrocco, Monaco: Editions de L'Oiseau-Lyre, 1975. Polyphonic Music of the Fourteenth Century IX, p. 156.
2. The Music of Fourteenth-Century Italy, edited by Nino Pirrotta and Ursula GŁnther, Rome: American Institute of Musicology. Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae 8/VI. [forthcoming]

Text Editions

CORSI, Giuseppe. Poesie musicali del Trecento, Bologna: Commissione per i testi di lingua, 1970, p. 281.


PerchT vendetta far or non si p=.
aspetto tempo ch'i' far la potr=.

Di tal, che da me sempre ben sent8.
el contrario sar= di quel ch'i' fu'.
perchT la sua a la mia fT ment8
con minacciando farmi quello o pi·.
Dunque non guarder= a l'esser su'
di sopra in rota, ch'i' pur s8 far=.


Since I cannot take revenge now.
I will wait for the time when I will be able to.

There is someone who was always well treated by me:
now I will be the opposite of what I was.
because his lies deceived my faith.
when he threatened to do to me all that and more.
Therefore I will not mind him, wheeling around
hawk-like above me, and I will do the same.

Text revision and translation © Giovanni Carsaniga

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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