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Sans vous ne puis, tres douce creature

ballade by Matheus de Sancto Johanne


Chantilly: Bibliothèque du Musée Condé 564, fol. 35 (3/1);
Modena: Biblioteca Estense e Universitaria a.M.5.24 (Latino 568; olim IV.D.5), fol. 16v (3/1).


1. French Secular Compositions of the Fourteenth Century, music edited by Willi Apel, texts edited by Samuel N. Rosenberg, Rome: American Institute of Musicology, 1970. Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae 53/I, p. 134 (CH564).
2. French Secular Music. Manuscript Chantilly, Musée Condé 564, First Part, edited by Gordon K. Greene, Monaco: Editions de L'Oiseau-Lyre, 1981. Polyphonic Music of the Fourteenth Century XVIII, p. 133.


GÜNTHER, Ursula. 'Der Gebrauch des tempus perfectum diminutum in der Handschrift Chantilly 1047', Archiv für Musikwissenschaft, XVII (1960), p. 293.


Sans vous ne puis, tres douce creature.
plaisir avoir qui moy puist agreer;
car quant ne suis pres de votre figure.
en laquelle est tout doulz ymaginer.
si grant paour ay que moy hors geter
neme vuelliez de votre gouvernance.
car vraiement fors qu'en vous n'ay fiance.

Car en fuir vo gent corps a droiture
et en tous lieus doubter et honnourer
si ay mis, bien say, com deusse, ma cure;
si ne say voye trouver qui excuser
me puist vers vous, mez qu'en plourant aler
de mez meffais requerir penitence.
car vraiement [fors qu'en vous n'ay fiance].

Si vous promez, tant que ma vie dure.
qu'obeir vueill a votre comander;
car fours de vous n'est joye qui senre
soit, ce m'est vis, ne que gaires durer
puist. Si vous pri, ne daigniez refuser
moy qui suy votre a tout jor sanz doubtance.
car [vraiement fors qu'en vous n'ay fiance].


Without you I cannot, very sweet creature.
have any pleasure which can please me;
for when I am not near your person.
in whom is all sweet adornment.
I am so afraid that you may wish
to throw me out of your jurisdiction.
for truly, I have no allegiance except to you.

For to flee your lovely body straight away
and everywhere to fear and honour you
have I therefore - I know well, as I ought - set my desires.
Indeed, I cannot find a way which can excuse me
before you, except crying, to go.
seeking penitence for my misdeeds.
for truly, [I have no allegiance except to you].

Indeed I promise you, as long as my life lasts.
that I will obey your command;
for apart from you there is no joy which is secure.
so I believe, nor which can last
for long. Thus I beg you, do not deign to refuse
the one who is yours always without fear.
for [truly, I have no allegiance except to you].

Text revision and translation © Robyn Smith

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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