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Calextone, qui fut dame terrouse

Three-voice ballade by Solage


Chantilly: Bibliothèque du Musée Condé 564, fol. 50 (3/1).


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Music au temps des Papes en Avignon, Florilegium Musicum de Paris, directed by Jean-Claude Malgoire (1973): CBS Masterworks 76534.


Calextone, qui fut dame terrouse.
a Jupiter fit un doulz sacrefice.
tant qu'il la mist, conme sa vraye espouse.
hault ou tround et li fut moult propice.
Et puis amoureusement
la courouna sur toutes richement:
lors touz les dieux li feirent per homage
joieux recept et amoureux soulage.


Calextone, who was an earthly lady.
made such a sweet sacrifice to Jupiter
that he placed her, as his true wife.
high upon the throne and was very favourable unto her.
and then lovingly
he crowned her above all other women abundantly.
Then all the gods, as a token of esteem.
accepted her joyously and lovingly looked to her happiness.

Text revision and translation © Robyn Smith

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Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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