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Helas! je voy mon cuer a fin venir

ballade by Solage


Chantilly: Bibliothèque du Musée Condé 564, fol. 57v (4/1).


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Helas! je voy mon cuer a fin venir
en desirant avoir un don d'amour
qui tant m'a fait de bien et de playsir
qu'onques nulz homs tant eut de baudour.
Mais Fortune m'a jouT d'un faulz tour.
dont se je n'ay secours de vray effort.
je croy que brief seray sanz doubte mort.

HT, Fortune, tu fais ton pris hanr
a pluseurs gens qui treuvent amertour
en ta roue qui tout bien fayt perir.
muer legier joyd et jeu en plour.
Or m'az boutT au fleuve de tristor
dont je te di, quar tu me fays tel tort.
je croy [que brief seray sanz doubte mort.]

A vous supli, tres reluisant saphir.
dois et ruissel, fontayne de doutour.
senol faton ou sont tuit mi desir.
fruit vertueux de tres plaisant saveur.
alegTs moy de ma grieve dolour
ou de certain, se n'ay de vous confort.
je croy que brief seray sanz doubte mort.


Alas! I see my heart about to attain its objective.
in its wish to have a boon from Love
who has allowed me such well-being and pleasure
that no one has ever enjoyed so much happiness.
But Fortune has played a false trick on me.
and unless she makes a serious effort to help me.
I believe that soon, doubtless, I will die.

Hey, Fortune! you cause your worth to be hated
by many people who find bitterness
in your wheel, which causes all good to perish.
changing lively pleasure and games into tears.
Now you have thrust me into the river of sadness.
about which I am telling you, for you do me so much wrong
I believe [that soon, doubtless, I will die.]

I beg you, brightly shining sapphire.
source and stream, fountain of sweetness.
unique creature in whom are placed all my desires.
virtuous fruit, pleasantly fragrant.
relieve me of my painful suffering.
or, for certain, if I do not have comfort from you.
I believe that soon, doubtless, I will die.

Text revision and translation © Robyn Smith

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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