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Se Alixandre et Hector fussent en vie

ballade by Trebor


Chantilly: Bibliothèque du Musée Condé 564, fol. 30 (3/1).


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Se Alixandre et Hector fussent en vie
an toute leur prouesse et ardement.
et tenissent Acilles sans envie
qui ceulz de Troye grieva moult asprement.
sur touz tendroit au jour d'ui seignourie
cilz qui enseigne porte en champs et batailles:
Foyx et Bearn, Castelbon et Noualles.

Son haut renon est en mainte partie.
car est ardis, couraugeus et vaillant.
En Europe en le pais d'Armenie
n'a et doubtT et agouvernement.
ne qui si bien aime chevalierie.
A ly traient ceulz qui ont contTz de vaillez.
Foyx et Bearn, [Castelbon et Noualles.]

Por ce doit bien estre sans fleterie
craint et doubtT et amT chierement
[par tous gens qui sont en sa compaignie.
et chascuns sans cesser devotement]
devroyt pour cil prier en chiere lie
qui en pais tient sa terre et sans servailles:
Foyx et Bearn, [Castelbon et Noualles.]


If Alexander and Hector were alive
in all their prowess and valour.
and were they not envious of Achilles.
who brought such bitter grief to the Trojans.
above all he would hold this day seignioral authority
who bears the ensign in fields and in battles:
Foix and B‚arn, Castelbon and Novailles.

He is held in high renown in many a land.
for he is brave, courageous and valiant.
In Europe, in the land of Armenia
there is none both so feared and of such good government.
nor who loves chivalry so well.
They refer to him who have told tales of vallets:
Foix and B‚arn, [Castelbon and Novailles.]

For this reason well should he be, without weak-heartedness.
feared and held in awe and loved dearly
[by all those people who are in his company.
and each, devoutly, without ceasing,]
ought to pray for him with good cheer
who keeps his land and that without serfs in peace:
Foix and B‚arn, [Castelbon and Novailles.]

Text revision and translation © Robyn Smith

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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